Rosacea Sunscreens
Patient guide by Dr. Cleckley, Dermatologist, FACD.

"Sunscreen is amazing for rosacea – if you get it right!"

US sunscreen fiasco references

New 2016 — Public Proof About Zinc

The Basics of Real Sunscreen Therapy

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For more information about the failure of the FDA to approve superior sunscreens see the following references:

New-Wave Sunscreens.

Chemical and Engineering News.

Active ingredient makers are frustrated by the long list of sunscreens and UV-A testing protocols that are still awaiting FDA decisions.

Ingredient Approval Challenging for Sunscreen Formulators.

IHS Chemical Week.

2M People Will Get Skin Cancer This Year, But FDA Still Hasn’t Approved Vastly Superior, Life-Saving Sunscreen.

Long Island News.

Does The Sunscreen You Use On Your Face Contain Mexoryl? French Sunscreen Does. We Swear By It.

Huffington Post.

Please note that Mexoryl, while still superior to US options, is now also largely superseded by newer agents.

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