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"Sunscreen is amazing for rosacea – if you get it right!"

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Drug Fact Label indicating a preferable chemical sunscreen combination for use in rosacea treatment.Due to the number of requests I receive for recommendations of specific sunscreens I have started compiling this list.

If you would like to suggest a sunscreen or provide feedback for this list you are welcome to contact me through my Google Plus Profile.

Otherwise please use my rosacea sunscreen selection guide.

Suggested Sunscreens for Rosacea Patients

  • Australian Attend SPF 50+ sunscreen. A "sunscreen concentrate" with 8 modern time-release sunscreens and no preservatives which aggravate rosacea, such as parabens and various types of alcohol. This product is preserved with sterilized opaque glass and antioxidants. Free of silicones, which seem to contribute to irritation, papules and pustules in some patients. You only need to apply 0.01-0.02 OZ. for maximum SPF. If you're unable to use this, it's probably fair to say you won't be able to use any sunscreen. For further information see or

  • La Roche-Posay Anthelios SX. This is the only sunscreen in the US to contain a modern UVA filter. For reasons unknown, the FDA has allowed this single modern sunscreen product to be marketed, however it is only SPF 15. The texture is a little better than average, however it does have a tendency to run into the eyes if temperature or humidity flucuate (wear large or wrap-around sunglasses to protect the eye area instead of letting sunscreen encroach). All the other sunscreens in the Anthelios range have different formulas which exclude modern filters. Anthelios products of the same names available in Europe contain different sunscreen agents. I don't recommend using the fluids because they contain silicone and approximately 1/3rd pure alcohol which is substantially drying and irritating. For further information see

Previously I also recommended SkinMedica Environmental Defense Sunscreen SPF 50 however this is now substantially water-resistant and therefore no longer recommended for the reasons outlined in Step 3 of the Rosacea Sunscreen Selection Guide.

If you know of any less-expensive equivalent sunscreens, please contact me and I will consider listing them after having researched and trialed them.

Author: Jeremy Cleckley

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