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Example sunburn, Jessica Alba Honest Company sunscreen user submitted as review at Amazon. Example sunburn, Jessica Alba Honest Company sunscreen user submitted as review at Amazon. Example sunburn, Jessica Alba Honest Company sunscreen user submitted as review at Amazon.

I am encouraged to see social media being used to spread the word about the poor performance of modern zinc and titanium sunscreens, something acknowledged by a large number of cosmetically-oriented dermatologists, but largely unknown by consumers.

This issue came to a head in 2015-2016 when consumers of the Jessica Alba "Honest Company" zinc sunscreen publicised their burns with a voice louder than that of the company's PR.

Finally, a subset of sunscreen users, however small, have communicated the truth about these products, and gained some traction.

Attention focused on the Truth Company's zinc sunscreens over the last 1.5 years revealed that despite the company re-formulating their product 3 times, consumers continued to report burning.

This is testament to the hopelessness of modern zinc (sometimes called "clear zinc"), and of the inadequacy of the FDA in approving and regulating sunscreens, now three decades out of step with the rest of the developed world.

The FDA's ineptitude, which could be rectified by mirroring the more stringent regulations of the EU, or Australia — a country where sunscreens reach stratospheric specifications with superior cosmetic elegance — in my opinion, can only be tantamount to gross negligence or corruption. The FDA allows manufacturers to not only make lousy sunscreen, but sunscreen which will produce a quick burn.

In 2011, the FDA even removed the requirement for sunscreen to be comprehensively tested for broad-spectrum protection (, around the same time "broad spectrum" became an enhanced marketing label.

Although the Jessica Alba sunscreens are made by a smaller company, I extend similar criticisms to other manufacturers of all sizes.

To learn all you need to know about the use of zinc and other physical-type sunscreens, please see the page on Adverse Effects of Physical Sunscreens, which includes information and links about the Jessica Alba sunscreen issue.

For an overview and pictures of burns, see this article at Time Magazine,

If you can, please post a link to this page on Facebook and/or Twitter and help get the word out about the inadequacy of modern physical blocks.

Best skin care wishes!

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